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JT-618 Bank Machines


JT-618 type automatic quick Bank Machines  (LCD)
Characteristics: automatic rapid plunge chao 2 seconds / 1 times, microcomputer control, simple in operation, hot-pressing type of beautiful, bundling, firm, tape strapping position can be adjusted both externally and strong anti-jamming ability, long service life, and display the breakdown self check code, appearance beautiful, light weight, small external power supply, convenient maintenance.
Technical indicators:
Appearance: 240 *180 * 220mm

Temperature adjustment: 80 ° c - 150 degrees c
Weight: about 5 kilograms
Power: the biggest 50W 20W stand-by
Source: DC24V power frequency 50HZ
Banding distance from the center, strapping paper bills for 47 - one of the distance 83mm