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Window PaiChuFa general fault interphone

Window PaiChuFa general fault interphone
A silent,
1, 220V power sources, shall not inserted in power.
2 and extension plug or dc power plug, please loosen tight.
3 and knob, adjustable up without big knob.
Second, screaming
1 and the poor performance of sound insulation installation environment should be further host and vice machine distance.
2 and environmental noise, the volume knob appropriate adjustment is small.
Third, the clerk at the sound too quiet
1, too, can be in volume knob clockwise tone.
2, the customer distance away, vice machine.
Four, the room quietly listening too
1, tubular microphone, not to be positive for cabinet yet.
2, the volume knob clockwise tone, but too big.
Five, voice, even can transmit. Intermittent
1, the speaker should be far from the microphone, near the microphone some (less than 50cm ideal).
2, when the party, the other party is speaking words will be robbed.
3 and environmental noise can be too strong, the corresponding channel volume knob little some, or request the speaker on the microphone.