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JT-F12B Window Interphone


Window talkback JT-F12B host, positive USES metallic lubricious appearance of al-alloy shell, specular color on the silver aluminum plastic shell, after processing, sedate, full of contemporary breath, Extension of pure aluminum wire shell. (optional triangle shell extension or circular plastic electroplating shell extension)
Host adopts special speaker, bringing intercom ultra-long (37cm) metal hose microphone, more convenient and extension of freedom, two-way intercom.
Streamlined built-in extension, circular design, small size, and adopts a root four core attachment GaoJiangNai, full screen aluminum foil, anti-jamming stronger with stainless steel pipe installation, grommets more reasonable.
Playback lifelike, clear, and can adjust volume.
Microcomputer processing circuit, static function, and thoroughly solve the problem, screaming echo.
Jack, the output is recorded and dual voice signal (bank), GuiYuanZhi recording monitoring and supporting.
Suitable places: bank, postal coupons, hospital, politics, station, wharf, ticket booking, insurance companies, industry and commerce, taxation, etc. To the difficult window,
Random attached to the power source, 1
Host: 150 by 100 * * W * 50 (L).
Extension ¢size: 68 18mm (D * * H).
The package sizes: 325 x x x 5.5 (4.4 L W x H).
Quantity: 20 FCL/boxes.