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1816 Black Window Interphone
JT - 1816 features:
1 streamlined external extension, circular design, small size, more beautiful, and adopts a root four core attachment GaoJiangNai pull all shielding aluminum foil, anti-jamming stronger, with stainless steel pipe installation is more reasonable, grommets plastic alloy electroplating and extension of specular panel with time (optional al-alloy shell vice or plastic casing vice machine), the snail mouth type plug installation firmer, avoid drops and contact undesirable phenomena.
2 pure metal host adopts high-quality speakers, bringing 37cm) long (metal hose microphone, more convenient and extension of freedom, the intercom.
3 and can adjust alone, volume dynamic track work indicator.
4 microcomputer processing circuit, static function, and thoroughly solve the problem echo, screaming.
5 have recording aperture, interface using special BNC plugs, can monitor and dual voice signal (bank GuiYuanZhi recording) can also be recording. Power
6 can be used in any place of window of difficult to talk. If bank securities JiaoKuanTai railway ticket office of insurance company hospital etc.