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JiTeng High-power Window Interphone
JT - 6000A features:
1 streamlined external extension, rectangle, more beautiful, and designed by an attachment, all four core GaoJiangNai aluminum wire, shielding more strong anti-jamming
2. Pure metal window interphone high-quality speakers, take long (centimeters) metal hose microphone, more convenient and extension of freedom, two-way intercom
3 system playback and lifelike, clear, can adjust volume, dynamic track work indicator.
4 microcomputer processing circuit, static function, and thoroughly solve the problem, screaming echo.
5 a socket, and can output audio signal (cooperate with GuiYuanZhi recording).
6. Can be used in any place of window of difficult to talk. Such as banking, securities, post office, railway stations, JiaoKuanTai, insurance companies, offices, hospitals and etc.
7. Type: horizontal high-grade model, pure metal host with Joe.