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Model number:JT-1916(M09MT)
Name : Two way intercom system/Bank intercom kits/window intercom kits
Material: Full metal/ aluminium alloy
1.Full Metal jacket,elegance,aesthetic
2.Hands free,dual-way intercom automaticity
3.Micro computer control circuit with squelch function,can thoroughly solve echo and squeal problems
4.Adopt high-powered mic,elegant appearance,voice is lifelike,clear,the volume of master station and extension can be adjusted separately by oneself.
5.Easy installation,and no need cutting the glass. there is only one wire for connecting master and extension.
6.The volume of the master/internal and extension/outside can be adjusted by separately
7.Have the output for recording,can be connect record equirement external.also,headset,voice(welcome/goodbye)can be chose.