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JiTeng product post-sale service policy


JiTeng services with high quality services to pursue, customer satisfaction as the goal of service. Establish a quick, convenient, sincere and professional services. With our actions to illustrate just "service". This company can design according to the different requirements of customers, special products, and provide corresponding technical support.


In sales and after-sales service provided to you in five exemption policy:

1, provide free product advisory services

2, the free use and maintenance of imparting knowledge training

3, during the warranty period, door to door service policy

4 and provide the products must be free

5, provide free product fittings


JiTeng product service policy:

Since you buy the product date, you can enjoy below standard service:

1 half change:

Since the date of purchase, such as product quality problem, free replacement shape.

2 a year door-to-door service:

Since the buyers within one year after, provide door-to-door service.

Limited warranty: three (3)

Since the date of purchase, free repair, maintenance, provide for three years life safeguard.

4 service response time:

JiTeng distance authentication services and agents, located in the city maintenance personnel arrive within eight hours, located in the suburb of repair shop within one working day arrived at the scene.

5 repair time:

General situation in two days, as more than five days to repair the time period must provide repair period repair of the trial.


If you need help. Please promptly contact with local distributor or office, and the company directly connected. Please leave your contact information, we will solve the problem for you.